Monday, January 26, 2015

Color Change!

For a while I have not been as content as I would like to be concerning certain colors. If someone wanted Night Blue and Dark Purple, the two colors were too close to tell them apart easily. If someone ordered Lavender and Light Grey, again, they were a little difficult to distinguish on a first look.

When I chose my colors from Swarovski's line of crystal pearls, Dark Purple was the best choice to represent amethyst for February's birthstone, but now, just this past summer, Swarovski has released a new color: Blackberry.

Guess what?! It works GREAT to use as February's birthstone. You can tell the difference between it and Night Blue, and it coordinates beautifully with the other tones, especially in my birthstone lineup.

Mauve was a color I considered before, and it works better with the change to Blackberry. It is so pretty! Really, EVERYTHING from Swarovski is gorgeous, so I can't go wrong, but it's important to me that when you are ordering, you can't make any mistakes because everything will look lovely together- you know?!

Now, I also have been kind of itching to add a dark grey or black- especially to create a color scale similar to what I have with the browns. Folks will often want to use two neutral colors to represent boys and girls, but maybe they don't care for brown tones, but would rather have grey tones. Well, now we have it! Welcome, Mystic Black and Dark Grey! I honestly didn't think I would choose to add black, but when I held it up for comparison to the others- it was a no-brainer! And Dark Grey?! Um, it is stunning. This is totally a color I have been missing. It completes the palette of colors that occur naturally in pearls.

Seriously though... 

I am super excited to offer 20 colors, all of which I feel SO much better about. Pictures don't even do these colors justice. But trust me when I say that this Mother's Day there will be some very happy mommies!

*Note: I still have Dark Purple and Lavender in stock, for those of you who just HAVE to have those colors (and I don't blame you! I still love them. It's super hard to say good-bye to them!). But I will not be re-ordering them. So when they are gone, they will be gone.

Many Blessings,