Friday, March 13, 2015

Introducing Spring's Featured Families

This is seriously the best thing I get to do through A Nest by Design. Ever. Each winter and spring, I get to support families that are in the midst of their adoption journeys. Thirty percent of all purchases made in their honor will be donated to their adoption funds. No strings attached. I just really like supporting adoption, and this is one of the ways I can do that. Starting A Nest by Design was a way to bring my daughter home, and I just have to pay it forward. I have to. Period.

This spring, there are four families that will be doing adoption fundraisers this Mother's Day. I'm a little nervous because Mother's Day is such a brief season. I mean, people don't think about it until May. When you're making custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry, that's just not enough time! So we're thinking about Mother's Day EARLY! This momma needs time to bless the other sweet mommy's out there! So let's support these amazing families, and get those orders in FAST. That can be your Mother's Day gift to me!

Place and pay for an order by April 30th, and I'll get you your pretties in time for Mother's Day- sound good? Great.

Now, let's meet these amazing families, shall we?

The Crain Family
Meet Joshua, Mallory, Eden and Israel Crain. At a young age, God placed adoption on Mallory's heart, and while they were still dating Joshua and Mallory agreed that adoption would be a way for them to build a family. Eden and Israel were two blessings to start their family, and then it became clear that it was time to turn towards adoption. Initially, they thought their adoption journey would take them to Africa, but as the time drew near to begin the process, it became clear that Haiti was where they would find their children. The Crain family is awaiting a referral for a sibling set, and they have heart for special needs especially. 
The Crain family is adopting through Lifeline Children's Services.

The Mogford Family
Meet Joe, Ashley, Grace, Owen and Rory Mogford. Their adoption journey is one with twists and turns, all displaying God's faithfulness. Ashley's zeal for adoption was stirred when her brothers were adopted when she was eight and eleven years old. Two years ago she and Joe started the adoption process, only to discover that Ashley was pregnant- so it had to be put on hold! When they were ready to start back in on the process, their oldest son had some health issues that needed to be addressed- so adoption was put on hold again! Now as a family of five, they are ready to add to their nest through domestic infant adoption. Through is all, God has been faithful to write a beautiful story for them.
The Mogford family is adopting through Bethany Christian Services.

The Stoneking Family
Meet Robby, Stephanie, and Noah Stoneking. Their story began almost 5 years ago when Robby and Stephanie got married and immediately began discussing adoption as a way to grow their family. In November 2014 they went full throttle into the process of a domestic infant adoption. After the heartbreak of two miscarriages, they knew for sure that this was the time to move forward with adoption- which was always on their hearts to begin with! They are excited for their son, Noah to be as much a part of the process as possible, and although they don't know how long the wait will be, they feel like things are moving fast! 
The Stoneking Family is adopting through Catholic Charities.

The Stout Family
Meet Eric, Laura, and Emory Stout. The Stout family knows that God doesn't call us to something and not provide the means to do it. They found their daughter in May 2014, and have been fundraising to bring her home. Audrey came to the orphanage at a year old, and is now five. She was born with a congenital heart defect. Eric and Laura are just months away from bringing her home from China, and still have about $10,000 to go, but they have no doubts that God will provide somehow, just as He has every step of the way. Not only is He taking care of the finances for the Stouts to get to Audrey, but he has taken care of Audrey as she has waited for her forever family. He won't stop now.
The Stout Family is adopting through World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Color Change!

For a while I have not been as content as I would like to be concerning certain colors. If someone wanted Night Blue and Dark Purple, the two colors were too close to tell them apart easily. If someone ordered Lavender and Light Grey, again, they were a little difficult to distinguish on a first look.

When I chose my colors from Swarovski's line of crystal pearls, Dark Purple was the best choice to represent amethyst for February's birthstone, but now, just this past summer, Swarovski has released a new color: Blackberry.

Guess what?! It works GREAT to use as February's birthstone. You can tell the difference between it and Night Blue, and it coordinates beautifully with the other tones, especially in my birthstone lineup.

Mauve was a color I considered before, and it works better with the change to Blackberry. It is so pretty! Really, EVERYTHING from Swarovski is gorgeous, so I can't go wrong, but it's important to me that when you are ordering, you can't make any mistakes because everything will look lovely together- you know?!

Now, I also have been kind of itching to add a dark grey or black- especially to create a color scale similar to what I have with the browns. Folks will often want to use two neutral colors to represent boys and girls, but maybe they don't care for brown tones, but would rather have grey tones. Well, now we have it! Welcome, Mystic Black and Dark Grey! I honestly didn't think I would choose to add black, but when I held it up for comparison to the others- it was a no-brainer! And Dark Grey?! Um, it is stunning. This is totally a color I have been missing. It completes the palette of colors that occur naturally in pearls.

Seriously though... 

I am super excited to offer 20 colors, all of which I feel SO much better about. Pictures don't even do these colors justice. But trust me when I say that this Mother's Day there will be some very happy mommies!

*Note: I still have Dark Purple and Lavender in stock, for those of you who just HAVE to have those colors (and I don't blame you! I still love them. It's super hard to say good-bye to them!). But I will not be re-ordering them. So when they are gone, they will be gone.

Many Blessings,