Saturday, October 25, 2014

Featured Families are Back!

I am so excited to be able to support these four families this holiday season! Thirty percent of every purchase that is dedicated to one of these families will help their adoption fund. 
Each one has special story that I summarize briefly. 

The Jacobson Family
The Jacobsons are a long two and a half years in to their adoption journey to bring home a child (or children) home from Uganda. After one referral not working out, they now wait to be matched again. They are committed to adopting debt-free with Bethany Christian Services, and are so excited to add to their family!

 The Lee Family
After being blessed by adoption two times, they are on their third adoption journey to bring two more in to their nest from China. After some unique experiences and circumstances, they are now working with CCAI Adoptionservices to bring their two children home and ask for prayer as they navigate international adoption- which is new to them!

The Ray Family
This couple started their adoption journey by signing with an agency to adopt from Ethiopia. After doing so, they saw their son was waiting for them with another agency. So they are now pursuing concurrent adoptions! They are working to bring their son home through Children's House International as they also wait for their referral with their original agency.

The Garrott Family
This precious family was formed in perfect timing. As they were looking to be certified as a foster family, the Garrotts became aware of their son's situation, and sweet little Spencer came home when he was six months old. Now they are working to adopt him privately.