Sunday, June 1, 2014

June's Featured Family

Peter and Amy

It's so fun to introduce Peter and Amy to you as our Featured Family for June. I first became aware of Amy as an adoptive mom when I first started making jewelry because she was one of my very first customers! I got to make her a nest with two cream pearls and one brown, and I still totally remember making it for her! I'm hoping she will need a nest with four real soon!

In 2010 Peter and Amy brought their son home from Ethiopia, and that's when their hearts completely opened to the need for adoption. There was no doubt in their minds that they would adopt again. In their hearts they were already set down the adoption path again, but they would need to wait! God was about to bless them "hard and fast" (as my father-in-law likes to say)! They welcomed two more biological children to their family in a very short time frame, and they went from having 0 to 3 children in 24 months!

Not too long ago, one of their sons was started to express that he wanted a brown baby to join their family, but it wasn't the time yet! 
"His heart was moving and our hearts were moving 
but the answer was still to wait."

Then in September of 2013, it became clear that it was time to MOVE! And they have! The family has been working to raise funds for a domestic adoption, and they are so thrilled to finally see the dream for this child that they had back in 2010 start to unfold! Already they have had their profile seen by several birth mothers, and they could be matched any day!

"We can't wait to meet this
precious, dreamed of, and very loved baby!"

Purchases this month will help them on their adoption journey.

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