Saturday, March 1, 2014

Well, Hello! Meet March's Featured Family!

David and Karen

My friend Joe often talks of living an extraordinary life, and overboard life- one in which you step out in faith, out of the boat, and trust Jesus to hold you up. And whenever I think about extraordinary, David and Karen's step of faith is going to come to mind from now on as one of those extraordinary ways that God calls people to adoption!

Here's their story:

Two years ago David and Karen went to live in Peru, thinking it would just be a fun adventure. But as it turns out, it would completely change their life!  During that year in Peru, they were connected with an orphanage near near their home, and on Saturdays they would spend time with the kids there. 

"We’d often joke with each other about which 
ones we’d like to adopt. But somewhere along the way, it stopped being a joke."

As soon as David and Karen moved back to the States, they began the process to adopt a sister and brother from that very orphanage! But God had even more in store for them. Soon they heard word that a family who had been planning to adopt another sibling set from that same orphanage had backed out. 

They were asked, "Would you consider adopting those kids?" Their first thought: “Oh no! We’re going to have to choose between them!” Karen's mom was visiting at the time, and proposed, “Why not adopt all four?”

At first David and Karen enjoyed a good laugh!

"But the idea grew on us, and now we can’t imagine our family any other way."

This extraordinary couple hopes to travel to Peru in May or June 2014 to pick up ALL FOUR kids: two 15-year-old girls and their brothers (ages 12 and 13). Wow!

We want to be praying for them as they prepare to travel, and as the kids come home. This month you can help them with some final costs with your order. We're close enough to Mother's Day, that it really isn't too early to snag a personal and beautiful gift for a mom in your life! (Or treat yourself!) It is a privilege to bless David and Karen in this way, I hope that you all will help spread the word about how we can help them!

Follow their story more on their blog!