Sunday, February 23, 2014

Color Spotlight: Joyful Expectation

I have been waiting for February to come along so I could write about this, and here it is almost gone! It's been fun to showcase pieces for each of the beautiful pearl colors that we offer, but I have been particularly excited to share about Dark Purple- representing February's birthstone, amethyst.

First, it's just plain pretty (but really all the colors are if I do say so myself, thankyouverymuch!), but what's especially exciting is what I learned about the color purple.

It all started when a friend of mine wanted to design a nest for her sister-in-law who has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... and WAITING for their referral for their child(ren) from Ethiopia. And I will tell you, this family has been waiting. They have fought for joy in the waiting. They have fought for greater faith in the waiting, but my friend just couldn't wait any longer to give her sweet sister-in-law a gift that would honor that wait and anticipation- about 3 years' worth to be exact!

You see, the fact is, that adoptive parents still labor even when they aren't birthing their children. Their labor is in the gestation period. They wait, and pray, and agonize over when they will see the face(s) of the ones they love. They are parents before they are parents because the children are born in their hearts.

As I worked with my friend to figure out how to design a nest that this sweet mama could wear, the thought occurred to me to look up if there was a certain color that represented waiting or something like that.

There was a lot about green being connected to "the green room" meant for actors waiting to go on stage, and that seemed, well, silly. But then I came across this asking the question:

What color represents waiting and joyful expectation? 


Perfect. We worked together to design a nest what represented her children as well as include a Dark Purple pearl to represent the child(ren) that they are waiting for. Absolutely beautiful. Of course it was during the Christmas season when I was making a lot of orders so that one in particular didn't get its picture taken, but it was one of my most special ones to make. When I have a chance I'll probably be making myself one with purple in it to honor our own child that we wait for.

What a joy it is to honor the labor of waiting! Soon I will be able to share some updates from some of our Featured Families about some of their waiting coming to an end, but for now, we can remember the struggle, and the joy that all adoptive parents face as they wait with joyful expectation for their prayers to be answered.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February's Featured Family

Clint & Laura

We are happy to introduce Clint and Laura with their beautiful children as February's Featured Family. Their three boys, Caleb, Micah, and Levi are "home grown," and they have a sweet Ethiopian princess, Maleah. Clint works as an engineer and Laura is involved with the music/worship department at their church and stays at home with their kids.

Maleah came home from Ethiopia in 2010. The experience of adopting her changed their lives. 

We originally went into the adoption process for selfish reasons and quickly our focus and lives took a complete 180 as our eyes were opened to need, pain, suffering, hunger, and sickness.

Clint and Laura felt like their family was complete after that adoption and would continue to work for the better livelihood of those living in rural Ethiopia- for the restoration of families, and supporting those who do that work. However, in June 2013, they both felt a call to adopt again. It was not something they thought they'd ever do again! After talking it over with the kids, everyone was 100% on board! 

They prayed, talked, budgeted, filled out paperwork, and now here they are! Paperwork is done and Clint, Laura and Fam are on the waiting list to bring home another little girl. 

There is something powerful in having someone "match" you in the family and for a long list of other reasons, we choose to following God's leading and take this leap of faith.