Saturday, October 25, 2014

Featured Families are Back!

I am so excited to be able to support these four families this holiday season! Thirty percent of every purchase that is dedicated to one of these families will help their adoption fund. 
Each one has special story that I summarize briefly. 

The Jacobson Family
The Jacobsons are a long two and a half years in to their adoption journey to bring home a child (or children) home from Uganda. After one referral not working out, they now wait to be matched again. They are committed to adopting debt-free with Bethany Christian Services, and are so excited to add to their family!

 The Lee Family
After being blessed by adoption two times, they are on their third adoption journey to bring two more in to their nest from China. After some unique experiences and circumstances, they are now working with CCAI Adoptionservices to bring their two children home and ask for prayer as they navigate international adoption- which is new to them!

The Ray Family
This couple started their adoption journey by signing with an agency to adopt from Ethiopia. After doing so, they saw their son was waiting for them with another agency. So they are now pursuing concurrent adoptions! They are working to bring their son home through Children's House International as they also wait for their referral with their original agency.

The Garrott Family
This precious family was formed in perfect timing. As they were looking to be certified as a foster family, the Garrotts became aware of their son's situation, and sweet little Spencer came home when he was six months old. Now they are working to adopt him privately.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finally Finalizing

Next week our family will make Kara's adoption official as we have our finalization court date. Thank you is hardly enough to convey what we would like to say. 
To all of you who have been Featured Families, purchased, and shared about this jewelry: Kara is home because of you and your support!
We will continue to support adoption through A Nest by Design! Stay tuned for how you can help us help other adopting families!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Very Special Pod

Dual Sweet Pea Pod
I just had to share with you one of my most favorite designs that I have ever made. Ever.

What makes it so special to me is what it represents and the extraordinary mother who wears it.

This is worn by a mother who is parenting four children. She was pregnant against her choice with twin boys, and chose to carry them to term and make an adoption plan for them.

Birth mothers are silent heroes.

My prayer is that more and more they will be given a voice because they have demonstrated such magnificent love for the children they have borne. Their stories are so important to be told, and it's vital to helping the cause of adoption and for the unborn.

This birth mother chose life. She chose it even though it cost her great pain, and in the midst of her grief and hurt, she didn't think of the lives of her unborn children as less because of the circumstances of their conception.

So it was a supreme pleasure to figure out how to celebrate the lives of all her children. They are all precious sweet peas! Four are being raised by this mother, and two are in the loving arms of another. Each one is precious. Each one has value.

As you can see, I was able to make two pods attached together. And it turned out better than I could have hoped!

Each piece I make has someones story. What an honor to be able to share this story! I have been so blessed to be allowed to make jewelry as unique as your family.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June's Featured Family

Peter and Amy

It's so fun to introduce Peter and Amy to you as our Featured Family for June. I first became aware of Amy as an adoptive mom when I first started making jewelry because she was one of my very first customers! I got to make her a nest with two cream pearls and one brown, and I still totally remember making it for her! I'm hoping she will need a nest with four real soon!

In 2010 Peter and Amy brought their son home from Ethiopia, and that's when their hearts completely opened to the need for adoption. There was no doubt in their minds that they would adopt again. In their hearts they were already set down the adoption path again, but they would need to wait! God was about to bless them "hard and fast" (as my father-in-law likes to say)! They welcomed two more biological children to their family in a very short time frame, and they went from having 0 to 3 children in 24 months!

Not too long ago, one of their sons was started to express that he wanted a brown baby to join their family, but it wasn't the time yet! 
"His heart was moving and our hearts were moving 
but the answer was still to wait."

Then in September of 2013, it became clear that it was time to MOVE! And they have! The family has been working to raise funds for a domestic adoption, and they are so thrilled to finally see the dream for this child that they had back in 2010 start to unfold! Already they have had their profile seen by several birth mothers, and they could be matched any day!

"We can't wait to meet this
precious, dreamed of, and very loved baby!"

Purchases this month will help them on their adoption journey.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Well, Hello! Meet March's Featured Family!

David and Karen

My friend Joe often talks of living an extraordinary life, and overboard life- one in which you step out in faith, out of the boat, and trust Jesus to hold you up. And whenever I think about extraordinary, David and Karen's step of faith is going to come to mind from now on as one of those extraordinary ways that God calls people to adoption!

Here's their story:

Two years ago David and Karen went to live in Peru, thinking it would just be a fun adventure. But as it turns out, it would completely change their life!  During that year in Peru, they were connected with an orphanage near near their home, and on Saturdays they would spend time with the kids there. 

"We’d often joke with each other about which 
ones we’d like to adopt. But somewhere along the way, it stopped being a joke."

As soon as David and Karen moved back to the States, they began the process to adopt a sister and brother from that very orphanage! But God had even more in store for them. Soon they heard word that a family who had been planning to adopt another sibling set from that same orphanage had backed out. 

They were asked, "Would you consider adopting those kids?" Their first thought: “Oh no! We’re going to have to choose between them!” Karen's mom was visiting at the time, and proposed, “Why not adopt all four?”

At first David and Karen enjoyed a good laugh!

"But the idea grew on us, and now we can’t imagine our family any other way."

This extraordinary couple hopes to travel to Peru in May or June 2014 to pick up ALL FOUR kids: two 15-year-old girls and their brothers (ages 12 and 13). Wow!

We want to be praying for them as they prepare to travel, and as the kids come home. This month you can help them with some final costs with your order. We're close enough to Mother's Day, that it really isn't too early to snag a personal and beautiful gift for a mom in your life! (Or treat yourself!) It is a privilege to bless David and Karen in this way, I hope that you all will help spread the word about how we can help them!

Follow their story more on their blog!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Color Spotlight: Joyful Expectation

I have been waiting for February to come along so I could write about this, and here it is almost gone! It's been fun to showcase pieces for each of the beautiful pearl colors that we offer, but I have been particularly excited to share about Dark Purple- representing February's birthstone, amethyst.

First, it's just plain pretty (but really all the colors are if I do say so myself, thankyouverymuch!), but what's especially exciting is what I learned about the color purple.

It all started when a friend of mine wanted to design a nest for her sister-in-law who has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... and WAITING for their referral for their child(ren) from Ethiopia. And I will tell you, this family has been waiting. They have fought for joy in the waiting. They have fought for greater faith in the waiting, but my friend just couldn't wait any longer to give her sweet sister-in-law a gift that would honor that wait and anticipation- about 3 years' worth to be exact!

You see, the fact is, that adoptive parents still labor even when they aren't birthing their children. Their labor is in the gestation period. They wait, and pray, and agonize over when they will see the face(s) of the ones they love. They are parents before they are parents because the children are born in their hearts.

As I worked with my friend to figure out how to design a nest that this sweet mama could wear, the thought occurred to me to look up if there was a certain color that represented waiting or something like that.

There was a lot about green being connected to "the green room" meant for actors waiting to go on stage, and that seemed, well, silly. But then I came across this asking the question:

What color represents waiting and joyful expectation? 


Perfect. We worked together to design a nest what represented her children as well as include a Dark Purple pearl to represent the child(ren) that they are waiting for. Absolutely beautiful. Of course it was during the Christmas season when I was making a lot of orders so that one in particular didn't get its picture taken, but it was one of my most special ones to make. When I have a chance I'll probably be making myself one with purple in it to honor our own child that we wait for.

What a joy it is to honor the labor of waiting! Soon I will be able to share some updates from some of our Featured Families about some of their waiting coming to an end, but for now, we can remember the struggle, and the joy that all adoptive parents face as they wait with joyful expectation for their prayers to be answered.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February's Featured Family

Clint & Laura

We are happy to introduce Clint and Laura with their beautiful children as February's Featured Family. Their three boys, Caleb, Micah, and Levi are "home grown," and they have a sweet Ethiopian princess, Maleah. Clint works as an engineer and Laura is involved with the music/worship department at their church and stays at home with their kids.

Maleah came home from Ethiopia in 2010. The experience of adopting her changed their lives. 

We originally went into the adoption process for selfish reasons and quickly our focus and lives took a complete 180 as our eyes were opened to need, pain, suffering, hunger, and sickness.

Clint and Laura felt like their family was complete after that adoption and would continue to work for the better livelihood of those living in rural Ethiopia- for the restoration of families, and supporting those who do that work. However, in June 2013, they both felt a call to adopt again. It was not something they thought they'd ever do again! After talking it over with the kids, everyone was 100% on board! 

They prayed, talked, budgeted, filled out paperwork, and now here they are! Paperwork is done and Clint, Laura and Fam are on the waiting list to bring home another little girl. 

There is something powerful in having someone "match" you in the family and for a long list of other reasons, we choose to following God's leading and take this leap of faith.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Featured Family

Chris and Gloria 

Married in July of 2000, they have four biological children. Their three boys and one girl range in age from 9 down to 3! So their home is never quiet, always busy- always wonderful! 

Chris is a high school Chemistry teacher and Gloria is a stay-at-home mom.

Throughout their marriage they have learned, through so many different ways, that 

"God's plans are always higher than ours and so much better than ours." 

Most recently, Chris and Gloria have seen this as God called them to adoption. They thought that after four biological children they were done! But God had another plan. They stepped out in faith and began the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia in early 2012 and are right now anxiously awaiting a referral with All God's Children International. 

This family of six hopes and prays their referral will be this year, but they are trusting in God's timing as try to wait patiently to become a family of seven!

Every purchase made this month through our website will help their adoption fund. We will donate 20% of total sales, and it is a privilege to bless such a beautiful family! It's a joy to walk this road with them!