Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color Spotlight: Powder Rose

Since I've chosen Powder Rose to represent October's birthstone, it seemed right to feature this beautiful pearl this month! It's is one of the most popular or our pearl selections. It is a great color- yes, I do say this about every color- but seriously, if I didn't like the colors that I offer for your designs, I wouldn't be excited about making them!

What I like about the Powder Rose pearl color is that it offers a little bit deeper of a pink than the Rosaline. Where Rosaline offers a soft, subtle tone, Powder Rose will offer more pop without getting too bright. It's a deeper tone, more akin to a raspberry. What's great about it is that it can be paired really well with all of the colors. You really can't mess up Powder Rose.

I really can't think of any of the pearls that I wouldn't pair Powder Rose with! There's a reason that I included it in my original line from Swarovski!

LOVE it!

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