Friday, September 13, 2013

Upgrading to Brilliant Silver

I'm so absolutely amazed at God's faithfulness as he has provided for our family's adoption through A Nest by Design. It was a year ago this month that I wanted to make a birthday present for my sister to include her two children that just came home from Ethiopia. I had the idea to make a nest pendant that could hold eight "eggs" to represent all her children in a way that was simple and unique.

We were just about to finish up our home study, and I knew that I could help our family by blessing other moms with special jewelry.

It grew from there.

I have always been looking for ways to make this jewelry better, prettier, more customizable, and this is the final piece of the puzzle. Starting September 1st, all of the jewelry made will be out of sterling silver wire. Because of the increase in quality and cost (and after much debate and advice-seeking), chains will be sold separately so that I can keep the same price point for those who would rather use their own chain.

What I love about this upgrade is how bright and brilliant the sterling wire is! As I've experimented with it, I'm super excited to make orders that will come in because the wire makes dazzling jewelry. The chains are a great find too. As much as I loved the look of the snake chains, I'm really excited to share the rope chains with you all. The different facets of the chain catch the light, and add a bit of sparkle- without looking too sparkly.

I don't have the photography skills to really show how bright and shiny with contrast is between the old materials and the new sterling materials. I'm very, very pleased with this switch!

I'm also glad that now everything is more hypoallergenic for those who have metal allergy issues. Although there's always going to be someone who has severe allergies with metals, most people can wear sterling silver, and now there's no need to worry about any nickel content. If you have a naturally more acidic ph balance to your skin, you'll be much happier with this switch as well!

There you have it! I have needed to post this for a long time, but the beginning of September, with school starting and all, has been quite full. Believe me. It's not for lack of enthusiasm that I haven't posted about this upgrade!

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