Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color Spotlight: Rosaline

Rosaline is such a lovely color. If you could color meekness, gentleness, femininity, it would be Swarovski's Rosaline Pearls. So soft and able to compliment so many of the shades that we offer!

On the right, is pictured a single Rosaline pearl for a momma's first baby girl. Absolutely perfect! What could be better than baby pink?!

It's also a color that mirrors a natural color that occurs. Remember Lyndsey? Her sister-in-law found a pearl from Hawaii that is the same color as Rosaline and had it made into a nest to announce Lyndsey's first baby!

This soft pink color has always been absolutely necessary to have. It's just a perfect, beautiful color to have to represent those sweet daughters and granddaughters! No matter what changes there have been, this light shade of pink has always stayed, and it always will.

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