Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Order Blitz Strategy

This is just too good a story not to share.

Really. If we want to help adopting families, this is a fantastic way to pitch in and take advantage of our Featured Family Program.

Denelle is a friend among friends. Early in the month, she placed an order for herself to help support Joe and Deanna, and then, "When I got them, I was so impressed by how adorable they were that I decided to buy one for people who are significant in my life in past and present. They just gotta have one!"


She gathered up the orders by asking all her friends when their children's birthdays are, and designed them accordingly. (It's super easy with our Birthstones Guide) That's when I experienced what I now call an "Order Blitz".

They just kept coming. Order after order was entered in to my website. I thought, "Whoa. She really liked her order!" at first, but then I thought what was happening was that she was gathering orders from friends. She had to be ordering for others! Right?

Wrong. Denelle took care of basically a year's worth of birthday and Christmas presents for a year!

But there still remains two brilliant ideas to help our Featured Families:

1. Buy Christmas and birthday presents for a year.
2. Organize a group "Order Blitz"- you can take people's orders, and place it for them so that everyone saves on shipping!

With one "Order Blitz," Joe and Deanna's earnings for the month were doubled! You don't have to be the sole purchaser of an Order Blitz! If you are willing to help the Featured Family that you know spread the word about their fundraiser, and offer to gather up the orders, then you could make a HUGE impact in how far a Featured Family fundraiser can go!

I would say that's pretty cool. Wouldn't you?

So, how about you? Could you organize an Order Blitz for one of our Featured Families?

Here's a great way to start an Order Blitz:

1. Place an order for yourself.
2. When you get your order, share it with your friends! Show them how much you like your piece(s), and offer to place an order for them. When people see the product, they are more likely to join in and make a purchase!
3. Gather up the orders, set a deadline of sorts- like the 29th of the month.
4. Send me an e-mail letting me know the Order Blitz in coming. This will help me know that I need to wait for all the orders to come in and not send an invoice too soon.
5. When you place the orders, include the name of the person it's for in the "Special Instructions"- that way when everything ships, I can label each item for easy distribution. Everything will be shipped to you- so your name needs to be in the Shipping Address section so that everything stays together!
6. Send me an e-mail when everything's complete. Then I will know to send that invoice!

Okay, I think that's all for this post. I hope that this sparks some inspiration!

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