Thursday, August 1, 2013

Say Hello to Two Amazing Featured Families for August!

These two families are amazing! They are some of the most beautiful examples of patience as they wait to see how their nests will be designed. Waiting is one of the most difficult and longest parts of the adoption process, and both Brian and Heidi, and Kevin and Jamie are precious examples of that.

Brian and Heidi

Brian and Heidi have been married for almost 7 years and are waiting for the Lord to bless then with their baby(ies) from Ethiopia. They have been in this process for nearly 3 years now!
They know that the Lord has sustained them on their adoption journey and are confident that He will continue to give them strength. They are praying "big time" that they get their referral in the month of August- wouldn't that be fun!?! Let's pray alongside them, shall we?
Currently, they are #1 on the siblings list and #4 on the girls list. They are hoping to be blessed with two children! 
Heidi writes:
at times it [the waiting] feels absolutely excruciating. However, the Lord always meets us right where we are and His glory is being revealed to us along the way.
We can't wait to finally be a mommy and a daddy!

Kevin and Jamie

Kevin and Jamie started thinking about adoption in 2009. They stewed about it, thinking the cost was too great, but always said "someday, maybe..." Did you know that finances is the #1 reason for couples to walk away from adoption?

Jamie always imagined a nest full of children, but unfortunately, that dream has been hard to come by after years of infertility. They struggled both before and after their son was born, and after a miscarriage, Kevin and Jamie began thinking that God's plan was, in fact, for them to adopt.

They prayed about it a lot, and in December 2011, they said YES to adoption! It's been a long, painful journey, but they are hopeful as they wait for their child to come home from Ethiopia.

We continue to wait for our Lord's perfect timing. 

Every order placed this month will benefit one or both of these families. When ordering, be sure to indicate which family directed you to A Nest by Design so that they can get their proper donation. If you just came across us apart from either family, no worries! The 20% that goes to our Featured Families will be split evenly between the two of them. This is our first month sponsoring two families at the same time, and we're really excited to be able to minister to adopting families in this way.

Like I mentioned earlier, finances are the biggest deterrent to adopting, and every little bit helps reduce the stress from the financial burden of adoption. Until there is adoption finance reform, the best way to get children into their forever families is to help each other! We want to encourage and applaud families that step out in faith and say YES to bringing children home!

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