Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm most frequently asked...

... can I do birthstones?

My answer has been, "Some, but not necessarily." Some of my original twelve colors could be used for some of the months, but I didn't have all of the months. For instance, Light Blue is perfect for March's aquamarine, but I didn't have a red tone for July's ruby. Or you could use Lavender to pull off February's amethyst, but really, it's kind of light to represent the gem's true color.

Well, I took care of that. We're adding six new colors that allow you to personalize Sweet Pea Pods and Nests with birthstones. Granted, they aren't perfect, but we're pretty darn close, if I do say so myself!

I fudged a little. Like for January's garnet, I chose to use Swarovski's Crystal Burgundy. The funny thing about the name of the pearl is that it's totally not burgundy as we would think of it! It's a very pretty purple tone, almost plum with a tint of pinkish hue- absolutely beautiful! So why did I put that for a garnet (which is traditionally a deep crimson color)? There are purple garnets! Score! Another example is April. How do you
do a diamond from pearl?! Well, I didn't want to do White, because I felt like White or Cream are obvious choices for June (duh! The month is PEARL!), so that's why I went with Light Grey.

Anyway, I could write a lot about my manic thought processes as I chose each color for each month and why I did what I did, but really, it's up to you! The Birthstone Guide is really just a recommendation. You don't have to follow it! That's the beauty of all these color choices and the beauty of the customization we offer at A Nest by Design.

What I really wanted to do is offer realistic options for those who really preferred to customize around a birthstone theme. I think I've accomplished this.

So here are the SIX new colors:

Rose Gold: is pretty much what it is. It's a gold-toned pearl with a pretty rose undertone. This is not one to combine with Bronze, I will warn, because they have a very similar look to them. It's really the only combo that I would avoid.

Dark Purple: is a very deep purple. Love. It.

Dark Green: is a great deep green. It almost has an army green feel to it, but not so olivey.

Night Blue: is another richly deep color. If you're just glancing at it next to Dark Purple, you might not tell the difference at first because they are very dark. It has a truer blue color than Tahitian.

Burgundy: is not really what the name says. When I think of burgundy, I think of a deep rasperry color instead of a purple color. I would say that this is more of a purple tone. It's just too pretty for me to have passed up. I would pair it with Powder Rose in a heartbeat! They look AMAZING together!

Bordeaux: is a crimson, wine color. This is a really pretty red. It's not that an orange red at all. The undertone is more of that wintry blue red. This is very important for color-freaks like me because if this had a more orange undertone, I would despise it, but it's the "right" color of red. I'm not sure if anyone will appreciate this description except my mother or possibly other persnickety red-lovers. Trust me. Swarovski did this color right!

If you want to read up on our other color selections, visit here. It offers you further proof that I'm a color-freak.

Ah, let the customizing begin!

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