Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thus Ends the Mother's Day Rush

Our first A Nest by Design Mother's Day was a success! Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. There is no way we could have raised over $700 for the Lute adoption without YOU!

In the days and weeks ahead, there will be some exciting things coming up. Check back with us on Friday as we partner with Baby Be Blessed for their weekly giveaway. I. LOVE. BABY. BE. BLESSED. I love the work that she does, and the message she shares. Please go visit their website to see what they are about over there. It's truly a privilege to joins forces this week!

Also, on June 1st, make sure to see who our very first Featured Family will be! You can read about the program here, and apply for it here. Please help spread the word about this chance to help adopting families raise funds! As of now, we only have one family lined up for June! We are wide open for July through October!

For now, I just wanted to share some of the pretties that went out to mommies this season. I. LOVE. THE. NEW. COLORS. As orders came in, I was so excited about the beautiful combinations that people wanted.  Really, no one could go wrong. The Swarovski crystal pearls all look beautiful together. Seriously, it's a pat-myself-on-the-back sort of success!

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