Friday, March 22, 2013


Today we're launching a whole new set of colors to choose from! Instead of glass pearls, which can easily scratch or chip, we're now offering Swarovski Crystal Pearls. Swarovski pearls have a crystal core, which makes them more solid and offers a clearer, more true pearl sheen.

What's even better, is that we don't even have to raise our price! We can give you a better quality product for nearly the same cost! How great is that?

Not only this, but you have more colors to choose from!

Light Grey: a beautiful, soft silver, perfect as an accent color. Truth be told, I have wanted to add a silver pearl for a long time, but it just didn't look right with the old color palette. With this new palette, it's one of my favorites!

White: classic, pure

Cream: a more true, and natural pearl color, this will compliment that string of pearls you have!

Rosaline: a soft baby pink color, very classic.

Powder Rose: is a deeper shade of rose and almost has a purple undertone to it, one of my favorite additions. It goes really well if you wear a lot of hot pinks, or fuschia. I think this will be our most popular pink choice!

Lavender: the most asked-for color! You asked, and now you have it! So pretty! It goes well with all the colors offered, and is a great alternative for you anti-pink gals!

Light Blue: another asked-for color! This is a subtle blue, and can be paired with any other color really well. I really am happy to have found a blue that doesn't look too bright and blends nicely with other shades.

Tahitian: My. Favorite. New. Color. In some lights it almost looks navy, but has a bit of a green tint to it. You could call this shade a dark teal blue. This is one that I just absolutely couldn't pass up offering. I love it that much. For those who like more bold colors, this is one for you!

Light Green: another really fun shade! This green has an almost dark lime feel to it. It's brighter than our previous moss green offering. One of my favorite combos is putting light blue, tahitian, and light green together- gorgeous!

Bronze: a rich lighter brown, offers a really pretty, neutral color.

Brown: a dark, rich brown that is really pretty.

Deep Brown: is exactly what it is! It is a very, very deep brown. It's very dark, and in dim light, could be mistaken for black, but it's not! I almost didn't include it, but it was just too pretty to pass up. It also coordinates so wonderfully with all the other colors (all the colors coordinate together so well- otherwise, I wouldn't offer them!), but what I like about the offering of the three browns, is that it really does offer some choices when considering different tones in skin color!

Now that you know what's what, I'm sure you want to order. So head on over to our website and order away!

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